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Although It is incorrect to detect specific app installation, yet not every app using root provides random packagename support.
In this case, detected apps that use root (such as Fake Location and Storage Isolation) is equal to detected root itself.
At the same time, some "smart" apps use various loopholes to acquire your applist, so that it can draw a persona for you.
This module provides some methods to test whether you have already hidden your applist nicely.
Also, it can work as an Xposed module to hide some apps or reject applist requests to protect your privacy.


虽然“检测安装的应用是不正确的做法”,而且很蠢,但是并不是所有的插件类应用都提供了随机包名支持。这就意味着检测到安装了 root 类应用(如 Fake Location、存储重定向)与检测到了 root 本身区别不大。(会使用检测手段的 app 可不会认为你是在“我就蹭蹭不进去”)
与此同时,部分“不安分”的 app 会使用各种漏洞绕过系统权限来获取你的应用列表,从而对你建立用户画像(如陈叔叔将安装了 V2Ray 的用户分为一类),或是类似于某某校园某某乐跑的软件会要求你卸载作弊软件。
该模块提供了一些检测方式用于测试您是否成功地隐藏了某些特定的包名,如 Magisk/Edxposed Manager;同时可作为 Xposed 模块用于隐藏应用列表或特定应用,保护隐私。







Release Type: Stable

1/9/2022, 11:07:19 AM

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Release Type: Stable

1/9/2022, 11:07:19 AM

V2.3.2 最终版本 / Final Version

添加 syscall 拦截
移除 maps 拦截(因为没有意义。UI懒得删了)
支持 Zygisk(一定记得先删除旧的 Magisk 模块!

距离上个版本发布已经过了很长一段时间。由于各种琐事,本项目将停止更新,这也意味着 V2.3.2 将可能是本项目的最后一个版本,不过仍然存在很多已知 bug(比如如果 Xposed 模块被禁用的情况下未禁用 Magisk 模块则将会导致 bootloop、开启文件拦截后后部分银行闪退)。

注意:更新 V2.3.2 后,请务必先卸载旧的 Magisk 插件,并通过应用内的安装按钮安装新的插件。若出现无法获取 root 权限的提示,请手动从 apk 中提取安装包并重命名为 后通过 magisk --install-module zip路径 安装指令手动安装。

虽然 HMA 已经暂停更新,不过仍然欢迎提交翻译或是修复PR,如果希望加入讨论组,请查看 Telegram 频道的第一个置顶。我的新 app 仍在继续开发中,不过不清楚什么时候能够发布第一个预览版本。感谢大家一路的支持,暂时的离别是为了更好的相逢,期待与你们在新的旅程相见。

Add syscall interception
Remove maps interception (Because it is meaningless. Though I am lazy to remove it from UI)
Support Zygisk (Be sure to remove the old Magisk module first!)

It has been a long time since the last version was released. Due to various trivial matters, HMA will stop updating. This means that V2.3.2 will probably be the last version of this project, but there are still a lot of known bugs (If the Magisk module is enabled with the Xposed module disabled, it will cause bootloop; After switching on file interception, some banks are not functioning properly).

Note: Uninstall old Magisk extension before updating to V2.3.2, then install the new one via the install button in the app. If you encounter unable to get root access, please manually extract the installer from the apk and rename it to or and install it manually with the magisk --install-module zippath command.

Although HMA is suspended, you are still welcome to submit translations or fix PRs, and if you want to join the discussion group, please check the first pinned message in the Telegram channel. My new app is still on development, but it's not clear when the first preview version will be released. Thank you all for your support along the way, and I look forward to seeing you all on the new journey as we part for the better.


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