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Xposed Module to Disable FLAG_SECURE, enabling screenshots, screen sharing and recording in apps that normally wouldn't allow it.


Usage for LSPosed:

  • Enable the module
  • Select System Framework
  • Select the target app in which you want to enable screenshots
  • Reboot


Additional Information on DRM encrypted content

This is applicable only for some apps on some devices. If you aren't facing any issues, you can ignore these instructions.

When playing DRM encrypted content, most devices will use hardware decryption capabilities. This hardware decryption will push the video directly onto the screen, bypassing any screenshots/screenshare/recording functionality.

One possible solution is to disable this hardware decryption by installing the Magisk module disabler. This will force the device to not use hardware decryption and in combination with this module will enable screenshots, screen sharing and recording.

Installing this module might have unintended consequences, such as lowered video quality. Read more





Release Type: Stable

5/12/2021, 12:52:41 PM

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Release Type: Stable

5/12/2021, 12:52:41 PM

Compatibility Update

  • Adds support for Netflix and Disney+
  • Should support some other apps too that work in the same way Netflix and Disney+ do
  • Additional instructions for Netflix and Disney+ support here

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