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Game Unlocker - Xposed Module Repository


Unlock higher FPS in games

Spoof your device as different model for specific games to unlock higher FPS


  • Device spoofing for enhanced gaming experiences.
  • Compatibility with a wide range of popular gaming applications.
  • Easy installation and no configuration.

Table of Contents

Getting Started

To get started with Game Unlocker, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure that your Android device is rooted.

  2. Install the Xposed/Lsposed Framework on your device.

  3. Download the Game Unlocker module from the releases section of this repository.

  4. Install the downloaded apk :

    • Open Xposed/Lsposed Manager.
    • Go to the "Modules" section.
    • Search "Game Unlocker" and enable the module.
    • The supported games are auto added to the scope.
    • Force Stop the added game manually to take effect.


Once you've installed and activated the Game Unlocker module, it will automatically spoof your device information for supported gaming applications. There's no additional configuration required. Simply force stop and open the games you want to play, and enjoy the benefits of device spoofing.

You can untick the game you don't want to spoof for the module scope. Force stop and relaunch is required.

Note: Keep in mind that device spoofing may violate the terms of service for some games or apps.

Report any suggestions/issues with games here

Supported Games

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This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details.






Release Type: Stable

3/30/2024, 10:23:18 PM

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Release Type: Stable

3/30/2024, 10:23:18 PM

  • Add new games
  • Fix module not working on some devices
  • Try to prevent ban

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