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An Xposed app meant to enhance your Snapchat Experience
If you experience any issues feel free to open an issue on our repo

Tested on - Auto Mapper!

Official CI Builds can be found on here
Please take note that these builds are experimental and might not work as intended, use at your own risk!


Spying & Privacy
  • Message logger
  • Prevent sending Read Receipts
  • Hide Bitmoji Presence
  • Better Notifications
  • Disable Metrics
  • Block Ads
  • Unlimited Snap View Time
  • Prevent Screenshot Notification
  • Prevent Status Notifications
  • Anonymous Story View
  • Prevent Typing Notification
Media Manager
  • Download any message in a chat (Snaps, External Media, Voice Notes, etc.)
  • Download any story (Private, Public, or Professional)
  • Anti Auto-download (Prevents automatic Downloading on specific conversations)
  • Gallery Media Send Override
  • Auto Save Messages
  • Force Source Quality
UI & Tweaks
  • Disable Camera
  • Immersive Camera Preview (Fix Snapchat's camera bug)
  • Hide certain UI Elements
  • Show Streak Expiration Info
  • Disable Snap Splitting
  • Disable Video Length Restriction
  • Snapchat Plus
  • New Map UI
  • Location Spoofer
  • Disable Spotlight
  • Enable Official App Appearance Settings (Darkmode)
  • Pin Conversations
  • Multi Snap Limit bypass
  • Override Startup Page
  • App Passcode
  • Infinite Story Boost
  • My Eyes Only Bypass
  • AMOLED Dark Mode
  • Chat Export (HTML, JSON and TXT)

Licensed under GPLv3








Release Type: Stable

9/12/2023, 5:24:33 PM

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Release Type: Stable

9/12/2023, 5:24:33 PM

Hello! There we are once again with a new release :)
As always, if you find any issues with this release feel free to open an issue

What's Changed

  • Fixed critical issue with mapper on new versions
  • Updated Arabic translation
  • Updated German translation
  • Updated French translation
  • Updated Hungarian translation
  • Added Polish translation

Tested on version

Full Changelog: rhunk/SnapEnhance@v1.2.2...v1.2.3

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