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App Settings Reborn

Fork of the original App Settings by Rovo89. Supporting Android 8.0+

Discussion/Support: XDA thread


The application is tested only on Android 10/11/12 (Samsung firmware), but has theoretical support for earlier versions of the OS. I do not guarantee work on other firmware. I also note that not all applications will work with all functions. If you do not see errors in LSPosed logs from this module, then your firmware requires additional hooks. I cannot provide development for such devices.


Using the function revoke/restore permissions: select the permissions and click ok + save, reboot, return to the submenu of the target application and click save again, reboot.


  • Screenshot control
  • density / dpi
  • font scale
  • fake screen size for resources loading
  • locale (language)
  • fullscreen mode
  • hide title bar
  • keep screen on while app is visible
  • show app above lockscreen
  • disable fullscreen keyboard input
  • Force LTR
  • Auto hide fullscreen (Android 11+)
  • force orientation (portrait/landscape/auto)
  • mute audio (for most apps)
  • insistent notifications (loop the sound / reboot required)
  • force or prevent ongoing notifications (reboot required)
  • mute notifications (reboot required)
  • stay resident in memory (reboot required)
  • force or exclude app from recents (reboot required)
  • access to recent tasks (reboot required)
  • revoke permissions (double reboot required)
  • force using legacy (navbar) menu button



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Release Type: Stable

5/21/2022, 6:52:40 PM

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Release Type: Stable

5/21/2022, 6:52:40 PM

  • Android 12 Xposed support
  • Android 12 support (targetSdkVersion)
  • Dropped EdXposed support
  • Increased minimum Android version to 8.1 Same version as LSPosed framework.
  • Added cleaning the filters on back pressed button
  • UI updates

Some options such as "notifications priority" and "disable big (expanded) notifications" have been removed due to the increase in the minimum version of Android.

The higher the version of Android, the more options begin to be lost. The logic of such functions is globally rewritten with the new version of Android and the module can no longer intercept them.
In Android 12 these options are:

  • Mute audio
  • Force or prevent ongoing notifications

Methods and classes of such options are present, not deprecated. The OS just doesn't use them.

Project support on Android 13 is not guaranteed, please do not ask for updates.

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