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Firefds Kit [Tiramisu] - Xposed Module Repository

Firefds Kit [Tiramisu]

Xposed module for Samsung Tiramisu (Android 13) devices.


The module has the following features:

  • Fake system status to Official
  • Custom advanced power menu options:
    • Power off
    • Restart
    • Emergency mode
    • Recovery
    • Download
    • Data mode switch
    • Screenshot
    • Switch User (when multi user is enabled)
    • SystemUI restart
    • Flashlight
    • Screen Recorder (requires Samsung screen recorder app installed)
  • Disable restart confirmation
  • Enable call recording
  • Replace add call button instead of call recording
  • Enable call recording from menu
  • Auto call recording
  • Hide VoLTE icon in status bar
  • Hide persistent USB connection notification
  • Hide persistent charging notification
  • Enable block phrases in messages app settings
  • Enable native blur on notification panel pull down
  • Enable multi user toggle
  • Set max user value selector
  • Show seconds in status bar clock toggle
  • Show clock date on right of clock toggle
  • Add date to status bar clock options
  • Enable biometrics and fingerprints unlock on reboot toggle
  • Add network speed menu to show network speed in the status bar
  • Data icon symbol selection (4G, LTE, 4G+, 4.5G)
  • Double tap for sleep
  • Hide NFC icon
  • Disable Bluetooth toggle popup
  • Disable sync toggle popup
  • Disable high level brightness poup
  • Hide carrier label
  • Carrier label size selection
  • Disable loud volume warning
  • Disable volume control sound
  • Disable low battery sound
  • Screen timeout settings
  • NFC behavior settings
  • Auto MTP
  • Disable camera temperature check
  • Enable camera shutter sound menu
  • Disable call number formatting
  • Disable SMS to MMS threshold
  • Force MMS connect
  • Bypass exchange security (currently not working)
  • Disable signature check
  • Disable secure flag


THERE COULD BE BUGS/CRASHES/BOOTLOOPS, but it's pretty stable. Please upload any xposed logs when you encounter any issue. I can't help you without the logs! Confirmed working on:

  • Galaxy S21 FE
  • Galaxy N20 Ultra 5G


To install this module you need the following apps and modules installed on your device:

  1. Magisk v24.0 and above -

Option 1 - Zygisk

  1. LSPosed Magisk Zygisk Release module v1.7.2 and above -

Option 2 - Riru

  1. LSPosed Magisk module v1.6.0 and above -
  2. Riru Magisk module v25.0.0 and above -

Known Issues

  • Some features are removed on purpose. Since GravityBox has been working on Samsung devices for a while without much issues, I only implemented features that need special Samsung coding. You can check You can check GravityBox for R, when it will become available, for additional features.

External Libraries

The project uses the following libraries:

  3. Samsung framework libraries which are used for compile only


This module wouldn't have been here without the following people:

This is a moded version of Wanam's XTouchWiz:


Announcements and pre release versions -



Releases ALPHA 1

Release Type: Stable

12/6/2022, 2:30:21 PM

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Releases ALPHA 1

Release Type: Stable

12/6/2022, 2:30:21 PM

  • Initial version of Firefds Kit for Android 13
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